The Netherlands Standardization Institute


NEN stimulates and supports the development of standards, which are agreements made by interested parties regarding the quality and safety of their products, processes and services. As an independent, neutral party NEN inventories the need for standards and brings together interested parties to develop and finance these standards. NEN does this both within sector, national, European and global contexts. NEN administers and publishes all national and international standards that apply to the Netherlands: over 30.000 in total. NEN leads work package 2, the cross-sectorial screening and identification of resilience-relevant standards in which national, European and global standards, both civil and military will be reviewed. As a part of this WP, NEN coordinates the Standards Advisory-Group in which standardization-related stakeholders gather to share their views and give input for ResiStand. NEN holds the secretariat of the European technical standardization committee CEN/TC 391 Societal and Citizen Security, with which the consortium will liaise to test and review the ResiStand process. NEN also has a role in, among others, the development of the project handbook and the organization of the final conference.

Persons involved in the project:

  • Jolien van Zetten
  • Debora van der Tas