Fraunhofer-Institute for Technological Trend Analysis


The Fraunhofer-Institute for Technological Trend Analysis (FhG-INT) creates, and continually updates, a comprehensive overview of the security and defense related Research and Technology (R&T) landscape and of the entire spectrum of technological and conceptual developments, national and international. FhG-INT consolidates the general overview with its own specialised analysis and forecasts of technological developments in selected technologies as well as methodologies, thus being able to support national & international research and organizational planning and innovation processes. FhG-INT is leader of WP3 “Identification of standardisation needs and requirements”, and contributes to several other parts in the project, amongst others with knowledge and experience from the implementation and execution of the Programming Mandate M/487 to Establish Security Standards, Phase 2.

Persons involved in the project:

  • Maike Vollmer
  • Hans-Martin Pastuszka
  • Isabelle Linde-Frech