A concluding message from the Coordinator

After twenty-four months of cooperative research with the ResiStand consortium and the ResiStand Stakeholder communities, the time has now come to conclude the results of the project, disseminate them and finally, to say good-bye to this fine group of people I’ve learned to know during the project.

When we were preparing the proposal for the ResiStand project three years ago, I did not know most of the partner representatives personally – even some of the partner organisations were previously unknown to me. Notwithstanding this, we managed to create a fine proposal with high-flown objectives and a demanding work plan. This was noted and recognised also by the Commission, as our proposal received the highest scores under the topic DRS-06 and was chosen to be funded.

During the kick-off meeting on-board a ferry between Helsinki and Stockholm in May 2016, we learned to know each other better, and the project plan started to transform from visions to action plans and from separate ideas to a project flow. I still remember the feeling I had after that meeting: ‘This is surely going to be a great project’!

And a great project it really became! One of the main concepts of ResiStand was to assemble three Stakeholder Communities – members of the standardisation societies, the end users exploiting the standards in their daily work as well as the industry and the research domain as suppliers of new standardisation opportunities. The entire effort of the project was closely related to these communities and their 193 individual members, who for us represented the three important points of view towards standardisation. We approached the stakeholder communities through newsletters, web surveys, individual interviews and, of course, through altogether seven physical gatherings, ranging from smaller workshops to the large ResiStand conference at the end of the project.

The results of the project are not just results created by the consortium – they are as well outcomes of the work done by the Stakeholder Community members. Therefore, our reports strongly reflect the ideas, opinions and initiatives of these active individuals who have invested a lot of energy and time in supporting and facilitating the work of the consortium. Without your effort, we would not have the fine results we are disseminating today – please accept our sincere thanks!

Another essential cornerstone of ResiStand was the pre-standardisation concept. Our research showed that there is a gap between the pre-normative actions such as research projects, industrial innovation and guiding policies on the one hand, and the actual standardisation activities on the other hand. We noticed that too many good and important ideas created during the pre-normative part never reach the standardisation funnel and become new work items of a standardisation committee. Therefore, the ResiStand Pre-standardisation Process was created to close this gap and provide a bridge that assesses and refines the raw ideas to new initiatives.

The main results of the project – the standardisation roadmap, the sustainable process for improving standardisation and the critical evaluation of standardisation as a tool – were presented at the ResiStand Conference in March in Berlin. The presentations of this conference can be found here and all ResiStand deliverables can be found and downloaded here. We would be very happy if you will take a closer look at them!

As the project now ends, the future of its results will not be in our hands anymore. The standardisation bodies and the policy makers – mainly on the EU level – are now the ones that can take these results a step further and implement them in real life. We encourage you to take use of them! And finally – a warm thank you to all who have contributed to the ResiStand project! I personally hope that our roads will cross again and we’ll have another opportunity to work together for a good cause!

Pertti Woitsch, Geowise, ResiStand Coordinator