The Homeland and Security Defence Sector within the Atos unit of Research & Innovation coordinates the R&I activities in the security sector, based on experience gained with clients that include national and regional security bodies, intelligence agencies, international bodies (such as the UN, NATO and the EU) and also all types of organizations that address or deal with citizen safety, critical infrastructures, crisis management, crime fighting, law enforcement or border intelligence. The key strengths and special areas of experience span from crisis and emergency management to cross border management and interoperability, simulation of forward-looking security scenarios, economics of security or security societal issues. The team of experts of the HSD Sector has been performing essential security and crisis management projects for many years (e.g. DRIVER, ZONESEC, PACT, VALUESEC, CIRAS, FORCE, RECOBIA, FOCUS, VIRTUOSO, etc.) aiming to close the gaps between technology, IT and the society security related needs and challenges.

Persons involved in the project:

  • Francisco J. G. Gala